Date night: Deadpool


My hubby loves Marvel. Not the comics, just the movies made by Marvel such as The Avengers, which is his ultimate favourite.

So when he heard that Marvel was releasing a new movie, Deadpool, of course he had to see it, which meant that I had to see it too because I drag him to see my movies, so fairs fair.

We made it our date night and I actually quite liked it. Hubby on the other hand, not so much.

Deadpool isn’t like your typical serious Avenger type movie. This one is more on the humour side, which you can probably gather by the advertisement, so I guess that’s  why I liked it more than hubby.

I think they did focus a little too much on trying to be funny but I won’t complain.

It was a little too gruesome at times, very graphical in fight scenes, not sure why they mixed gruesome and comedy together. Obviously they thought gruesome would too be funny, but for me it was just gruesome.

Marvel likes to connect his movies together in one way or another and this was no different. Deadpool was combined with X-Men. I have never watched X-Men, nor do I intend to, that’s the only Marvel movie that I am yet to see, so when they cross referenced it, I was a little confused but it made no difference really to Deadpool itself. I suppose it’s just like an “inside joke”.

Ryan Reynolds was a great choice to play this character, and for that reason as well as the others I have mentioned, I would definitely add this movie to our Marvel DVD collection and will also watch Deadpool 2 when they release it in the near future.



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