Marrying a farmer turned me into one too!

Some of you may be wondering: where do you meet a farmer? Do you only meet them if you too live in the country? Or were you driving through one day and just so happened to stop and buy some fresh fruit and veg from his farm?

Well let me tell you – meeting my farmer was through none of the above.

In fact, he basically came to me.

How we met

We met just as other everyday people meet all the time – at a pub, on a typical Friday night.

The pub was my local Friday night hang out, but for him it was a little out of his neighbourhood.

So, we dated. He made the trip up to see me once through the week and I made the trip down and stayed every weekend. Of course we spoke on the phone every day because being in a new relationship, you want to spend every waking moment with the person- but we made it work.

Of course, the distance got the better of him and six months later, he proposed!

A year after that we were married and I made the big move to the country. To a place where before him, I had never even heard of.

The big move

It wasn’t easy. Like any marriage, it was an adjustment. This one maybe a slightly bigger adjustment than most.

I continued to commute to work in the city but after four months, decided the 2 hour return train trip everyday was too much for me.

So I found a job closer to home. Half an hour away – but still closer to home.

And that’s how our life was for the next 5 years. He worked the farm and I had my 9-5 office job,

It worked.

I became a part of this little town I now love, and if someone told me I had to move back to the suburbs, I wouldn’t go.

I love the openness and the fresh air and not having close neighbours.

A lot of people that come to visit, don’t like the smell of animals or what comes out of them for that matter, but I love it. It smells like home.

Becoming a farmer

So when I decided about 4 years ago that I would join hubby on the farm, I not only shocked him, but I also shocked myself. Because the agreement always was that I was never going to work in the farm. That was his thing – not mine!

I think my decision came more from what life was throwing at us at the time. And everything was pointing to me making that change. And so I did.

Now when you think of farmer’s you’re probably thinking of the more typical kind with cattle. But that’s not the kind of farm we run.

We are vegetable farmers. They never put any veggie farmers on ‘The farmer wants a wife’ do they!

But let me assure you- we exist!

I won’t lie and tell you I love working on the farm. But I also won’t say that I hate it.

I don’t even eat vegetables!

But like every job, it has it’s up’s and down’s, so you just take the god with the bad.

I think the main negative to working on the farm, is the weather. It’s either too hot. Too windy. Too cold. Too much rain. Not enough rain.

The weather plays a very crucial part in farming and I guess I can now empathise with my hubby when he tells me a lot of things because I am now experiencing it all with him, whereas before I couldn’t understand what he was talking about and quite frankly, I didn’t really care enough about it.

The upside to working the farm is the hours. Some days (like today, in extreme heat) we start early, so we can finish early before it gets too hot.

So with the whole day ahead of me, sometimes there isn’t much to do. So I’m starting this blog to keep my sanity and pass some time, while hubby keeps busy with the DIY projects I create for him.



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