Nicholas Sparks, you’ve done it again

I am a die hard Nicholas Sparks fan.

I have every single book he has ever written, and I have read them all.

I also have all the movies that were adapted from his books. I can’t say that I like them all though.

I’m not so much a fan of his older movie adaptations as I am of his newer ones. This may have something to do with the fact that he now produces his movies, where as he never did that with his older ones, such as A Message in a Bottle and Nights in Rodathne. They are probably my two least favourite movies of his.

When I read The Longest Ride, it instantly became my number one favourite. So last year when the movie was released, I was a bit nervous to go and watch it. I was worried that the movie wouldn’t bring out the best of the book and that they would change the story and all the things I loved and brought to life while reading it.

But after I watched it, it instantly became my number one favourite movie. I knew then and there that Nicholas Sparks is going to have to step up if anything he writes next or produces next is going to beat The Longest Ride from my number one spot.

Since then he has released a new book ‘See Me’ and he has released the movie adaptation to ‘The Choice’.

Now I can’t say that my number one’s have been knocked out of their current positions, but I can say that I enjoyed both reading his new novel and watching his new movie.

The book is a little different to his usual love stories, so it was quite refreshing to read. There was still a love story of course, but the book wasn’t really based around it. When I think of ‘See Me’, I think of the drama side to the story, rather than the romance because to me the drama is what kept me reading and wanting more. I wanted to find out what their secrets were more than I wanted to find out if they got together. It was intriguing. I do hope he makes the movie to reflect this novel and does so just as brilliantly as it’s written.

‘The Choice’ movie adaptation was kept very closely to that of the book, which made me enjoy it all the more. Nothing irritates me more than watching a book come to life but not seeing it as I had imagined while reading.

The movie, for me, needs to bring the book to life, just like I do while I’m reading any book.

SO The Longest Ride is secured in the number one position for now, but I will always enjoy anything written or produced by Nicholas Sparks none the less.



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