Organising your scrapbooking area

Anyone who scrapbooks will know how many different kinds of items come with this particular hobby.

From ribbon to embellishments, templates and mists. Of course lets not forget the number one main component in this craft – paper! I have never heard any scrapbooker say they have too much paper because you can never have enough! There is always room for more. Even if you really don’t have the space, you will always create some for it.

So when I started to accumulate a decent amount of items in my corner of the study, I asked my very handy hubby to make me some shelves and paper cabinet, because I really didn’t have enough room for it all!

So off to Bunnings we went to buy some white MDF and Melamine.

A trolley full and approximately $200 later, we were done.

I told hubby the design I had in mind, left him in the shed and this is what happened:

Walah! I had an instant wall of storage space that I didn’t have before!

I couldn’t wait to fill it up, and this is the completed product!The same goes for the paper storage cabinet. I explained to hubby how many shelves I roughly needed and he worked with it.

I left the bottom open until I need to add more shelves, but for now my cuttlebug can live there.

So not bad for $200 and a day’s work for hubby!

If you have some storage ideas, feel free to share them – I would love to see them!



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