The littlest things can brighten your day

Another dawning day is upon me.

There are numerous amounts of beds full of grass and I need to get rid of it before the next crop is planted.

This only means one thing – hours and hours and hours of rotary hoeing!

Luckily the weather was being nice to me because in an old tractor without air conditioning – lets just say it wouldn’t have been done otherwise.

It’s not only a long day when doing this particular farm job but it’s a long boring day.

Thank you to the wonderful person who invented the radio and thank God it still works in this old tractor! Without that, I would have lost my sanity a long time ago!

Normally you are out there on your own, in the middle of a paddock. But today I had company. I had a kookaburra befriend me.

It must have felt sorry for me, all alone out there because every time I started a new bed, it would fly right there with me and then land on the ground and watch me, until I came back to start another one.

It might sound very boring to some of you, or all of you, but this was my excitement for the day and let me tell you, it was actually quite entertaining!

Of course it flew away occasionally, I don’t blame it really. I’d get bored watching someone do this job too. But it always came back to check on me.

So about 8 hours later I was done and as I headed back to the shed, my new friend the kookaburra flew down to say goodbye as if it knew I was leaving.

Of course I thanked it for keeping me company and made my way back.

Just another eventful day on the farm.



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