The ugly part of farming

It’s rabbit season again.

Technically it’s always rabbit season when you have a veggie farm but if I’m being honest, they havn’t been a nuisance to us for a few years now.

We always saw them around but they did their thing and we did ours and we kept out of each other’s way, that way no one got hurt (obviously I mean the rabbits).

But our paths have recently crossed again and they are in our way, so something must be done.

They used to enjoy eating our freshly planted cabbage and never fancied any of the other vegetables we grow – until now that is.

For some reason, they are loving our turnip and beetroot. Turnip more so.
We recently seeded a crop of turnip and only a quarter remains thanks to the hungry rabbits that live on the farm.

So rabbits, it’s time for you to go. Hunting season has begun, so you can run and you can hide like you are so good at doing, but we will get you eventually -hopefully before you eat all our crops though because you are very quick and good at getting away!

Now hubby and I love rabbits, we have some as pets and when they were leaving our crops alone, we used to enjoy seeing them around the farm aswell. But when they are eating our livelihood, they aren’t so cute anymore, they are evil.

I obviously don’t blame them for wanting to eat our crops, which to them is considered fancy food. Because to me, if I have a choice of vegetables and chocolate, clearly I would choose chocolate.And I presume it would be the same to them- our vegetable crops are their chocolate.

Well your choice to have chocolate has sealed your fate. Bye Bye bunnies.



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