Be gone Facebook!


I’ve done it.

No more Facebook.

I made one new year’s resolution and that was to deactivate Facebook.

Everyone thought I wouldn’t go through with it, but enough’s enough.

So I have been Facebook free for 3 months now and I havn’t felt this good in a very long time.

Deactivating it has made me realise just how much time it wasted in my life. Not only that, but nothing good ever came out of having it.

I may have had 150 + ‘friends’ on there, but did they ever make any actual effort to contact me-no. They never even wished me Happy Birthday when Facebook told them to. So what really is the point of having it?

I guess people who constantly seek the approval of others are the ones who really can’t live without it and that’s why they post so many useless photos and status’s on there.

Because for people like me, who don’t give a shit what other people think, don’t find the need to post anything on it at all. Which did make deactivating it even easier for me.

If people really want to contact me, they have my number. If they are genuinally interested in what I am doing in my life, they will ask, not wait for me to post on Facebook so they can say ‘I know what she’s up to, I saw it online’-cause that doesn’t count.

When it comes to socialiasing, I am old school. I would rather a text, or a phone call or better still, face to face interaction cause that’s when you truly know that someone is genuinely thinking of you and actually care.



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