Blogging is a form of therapy


Everyone out there in the big wide world has a problem. No one is perfect. Your problem might not be a big one and might not last that long but at different stages in all our lives, we all have problems and sometimes aren’t sure where we can find the answers.

A lot of people turn to therapy and talk to a stranger for an hour at a time, who writes everything they say down and then asks them “Why do you feel that way?”

I’ve never been to therapy but when I’ve had problems in the past, I’ve been told to write them down, as this will help to get things out if I can’t feel that I can talk about them to anyone. And to some extent, it does help. I do think that talking to strangers can be somewhat of a benefit too because they don’t know you, as opposed to talking to someone you do know, where you’ll fear they will judge you -that fear isn’t there so much with a stranger, you simply don’t care if they judge you, you just want to talk and get things off your chest.

But since starting my blog, I have come to realise that my form of therapy – writing things down, combined with talking to strangers- equals a blog. I myself have found comfort in reading certain posts that help me to realise I am not the only one going through a certain issue, that there are other’s out there who are just like me and that in some way is reassuring. It makes me feel a bit more normal (whatever normal even is).

I would say that blogging would be more effective, help wise, than going to actual therapy because you have a lot more people out there with the same problem, who can give advice and who do actually care because they too know what you’re going through, as opposed to one person who tries to diagnose your problem based on what they’ve learnt in university.

I’m not saying that therapy won’t work, I’m sure it’s very effective over consecutive amounts of sessions, but for people who just need to simply ‘talk’ and get things off their chest and are looking for that little bit of reassurance -I think blogging is a much simpler and cheaper form of therapy to do just that.



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