30 Day Challenge: Day 1

Day 1: Put your iPod on shuffle. List the first 10 songs that play and how you feel about them.

  1. She’s no you – Jesse McNartney
    This song takes me back to my teenage years. I used to love his album. It makes me transport back to a time when life was hard but music was better
  2. Greased Lightnin – John Travolta
    This song automatically takes me back to every Saturday watching Grease with my sister. It makes me feel happy but also somewhat sad because I miss those days of hanging out with her.
  3. Lady is a tramp – Glee version
    I have never honestly heard this song but it’s very catchy. It makes me feel like dancing. It makes me feel like I’m at the theatre.
  4. Shadow – Ashlee Simpson
    Having listened to the lyrics, it is quite touching and could easily be a song that a lot of people can relate to.
  5. Dirt – Florida Georgia Line
    This song makes me feel home because it is a country song. I love country music.
  6. It’s on – Alyson Stoner
    Being a song from the Camp Rock soundtrack, it makes me feel happy because I love those movies but at the same time makes me feel a little childish for liking them.
  7. On my own – Whitney Houston
    This song hits a sore point with me. I remember singing this song over and over after I decided to end my first long term relationship. It’s a very powerful song, great for any independent woman
  8. Shake your Bon Bon – Ricky Martin
    Well this song makes you want to get up and dance for sure! Hearing this takes me back to my teenage years aswell. Although, I did go and see him in concert 2 years ago..
  9. Yeah – usher
    This song takes me back to my clubbing days. This song was always played, every week at the pub I went to. It’s a great reminder of my youth.
  10. ‘Coz I’m free – Christine Anu
    I never really liked this song, when I hear it I think of an ad that it was used for a long time ago. I think it was the Qantas ad but I can’t remember for sure. It’s ok to hear occasionally.

Bear in mind, I have A LOT of songs on my iPod, so that is the reason behind the very random songs on my list.



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