Living with OCD


I think a lot of people ‘unofficially’ diagnose themselves with OCD for one reason or another. Even if they only have one symptom- technically they still have it, don’t they?

I suffer from mild OCD, unofficially of course, and I say mild because as bad as I am and as much as I annoy my hubby with it, I know I’m not as bad as others.

My OCD has gotten worse over the last few years and being a wife has increased its severity. I’d say the reason for that is having my own house that I have to clean. I didn’t care when I lived at my parent’s place because it wasn’t mine. I cleaned to help my mum out but I didn’t care so much. Maybe because I knew mum would always do it her way later anyway, so I didn’t have to be so fussy. But now it’s all on me and I want it done properly and my way.

My worst OCD symptom is germs. I am constantly washing my hands before I go anywhere near the kitchen and after using the computer I use for paperwork. And as annoying as it is to my hubby, I don’t think its that big of a deal because you should always wash your hands before you touch any food anyway and the paperwork comes from other farmers, so generally it will be dirty and then I go and use the computer while handling these papers, which hubby will use later on and so I tell him to wash his hands too.
I think I’ve trained him well in that area, sometimes he washes his hands without needing to -rarely, but it happens.

Hubby never cared or thought too much about germs -before he met me that is. Now he thinks like I do and it annoys him at times, but he knows I have a point.
I don’t think I’m wrong in the way I think though – here are a few examples and then you tell me if I’m wrong:

  • If you’re at the shopping centre and you use a travelator, do you put your hands on the side to hold on? I don’t, but if you do, would you then go and have lunch without washing your hands? Never!
  • When you get home from the shopping centre, would you change into house clothes and put the clothes you had on in the wash? I do because I had sat on public chairs which other people had sat on and those germs went onto my clothes, which then I put around my house if I don’t put them in the wash.
  • When you do the groceries and bring them inside, do you clean the kitchen bench where the shopping bags were? I do because those bags were in a dirty trolley, then in the car boot and all those germs went onto the kitchen bench. What I do think about doing occasionally but never have, is wiping down all the grocery items before putting them away, because lets face it, they aren’t clean either! But I’ve never done it and I probably never will cause that’s too much effort (so I’m not that bad am I?)


Other things I like to do and inflict them onto hubby aswell, is wash our hands right before getting into bed; wherever people sat or what they touched while visiting us, I will clean it when they leave (at least I wait till they leave, I know people that do it while you’re still there!); I like everything in the pantry to have their labels facing me; I love organisation, everything has it’s own place and has to be in the right spot. When hubby doesn’t put things back where he got them from, I have to move it to where it belongs or it drives me insane. And my wardrobe is colour coordinated, but a lot of people without OCD do that too, so that doesn’t count.

So am I that bad? I’m sure I’ve probably missed some but you get the point.

My sister on the other hand is so much worse than me! Here’s some just so you get an idea:

  • Clothes on the line have to have the same colour peg as the item of clothing
  • If she turns around in a circle one way, she has to turn the other way to even it out
  • In high school, if she had nail polish on during an exam, she had to have it on during all of her exams
  • And here’s one I saw her do the other day: She went to pass her baby to her husband through an opening (like a window) but freaked out and couldn’t do it. So she walked around to do it. Never seen that one before!

There are all types of severities to having OCD. You might like things done a certain way or just like things to be in order. I know hubby has a laugh at my OCD habits and jokes that if we ever got a cleaner I would clean again when she’s done cause she hasn’t done it my way but he can joke all he likes, I’m saving him money with that one!

What are your OCD habits? I know I’m not alone on this one!




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