30 Day Challenge: Day 4

Day 4: Who or what can’t you live without? Explain why?

Most people would probably choose materialistic objects for this answer or loved ones, but I’m going to be more realistic and say that I can’t live without my good health. Which when you really think about it- none of us really can.

We could have the best family in the world, lots of material objects, 3 houses and 4 cars -but what good is all that if our health is in poor condition and we won’t be able to enjoy them for as long as we’d hoped.

Our health is everything, once that begins to suffer, so does everything else in our lives.
When we get the simple flu, sometimes we are stuck in bed because of it.
I know when I had very bad tonsillitis over Christmas a few years ago, it was one of the worst sicknesses that I’ve had. Not only did it ruin Christmas for me, ending up in emergency on Boxing Day being told there was nothing they could do for me; but we had to postpone our holiday for a few days and even that wasn’t very enjoyable when we were there because I wasn’t 100% back to normal. But if that’s one of the worst sicknesses that I’ve had to endure, than I consider myself lucky. Because there are a lot of others out there that aren’t so lucky and I never forget that. When anyone around me starts to complain about little mundane things, I remind them how lucky they are for everything they have- especially their good health.

That’s one thing we should never take for granted. I’ve seen loved ones suffer through the worst cancer’s possible, in the shortest amount of time, and I know that if I was to ever go through something that excruciating, I don’t think I would be able to handle it. I know I would more than likely just give up, which is the worst thing to do in that situation because when your mind knows you’ve given up, then your body does too.

Maybe I say that now and will be different if I ever was to be in that situation but I hope I never have to find out.

So that’s why I say my good health is something I can’t live without.



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