30 Day Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Do you have any special talents?

When you hear the words ‘special talent’, you automatically think of singing and dancing and playing an instrument but I can’t do any of those things.

So it really all depends on what is classified as a ‘special talent’ because some people can’t cook to save their lives but I can cook pretty well. So is that classified as a special talent? If so, then I can answer ‘yes’ to this question and I can also add that I can read and write because to others that is not something that comes easily for them.

Doing this 30 day challenge has made me realise that when you actually think about the question being asked, there is no simple one answer to them. Nothing is as black and white as it is when speaking the words instead of writing them. If someone asks me if I have special talents, I would simply reply with ‘no’ because I don’t take the time to really think about my answer. But when writing, you take more time to think about your answer before replying, the world is not so rushed when you write, rather than speak.



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