Sense & Sensibility

This is the hardest book I have ever tried to read.

I started to read this book last year and got through about 10 pages before putting it down and never picking it up again, until now.
Old English is hard to follow when you’re only used to reading books by Nicholas Sparks and others that write similar to him.

But I have started the book again and am now about half way through. I am determined to finish it and then watch the movie to compare the two. I just need the willpower to pick it up again in order to get to the end of it.

Jane Austin was a well known author for many years, and this is the reason I want to read her novels but I didn’t realise it would be this hard.

So far not all that much seems to have happened throughout this novel and I am already half way through it, so it makes me wonder whether I am just not understanding it properly or Old English language just uses a lot of big words to make the sentences longer than they need to be.

But I will finish it. And I will let you all know my thoughts when I have done just that.



2 thoughts on “Sense & Sensibility

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