30 Day Challenge: Day26

Day 26: Are you messy or neat?

I am an extremely neat person, too neat some would say and that’s due to my OCD tendencies, which you can read about here.

I love everything around me to be neat, even when I am doing paperwork, I have everything in bundles, stacked up neatly, not thrown everywhere all over the desk so I can’t find anything.

My pantry has all item labels facing me and organised according to size. The cans and jars have their section, as does the baking ingredients and the pasta.

My scrapbooking items are all packed in jars or containers and each have their own label for easy finding.

Some would say that being neat is a job, but to me it is fun and it just comes naturally.

❤ MeLzY






3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day26

  1. I go through phases, I am neat overall but when I am busy on a project I can let the mess accumulate then I get frantic and need to de-clutter. Sometimes the mess makes it feel lived in. I live with 4 young adults, tidiness is a challenge around here! Have a happy rest of the week.

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