Finding inspiration through music

Music is something that surrounds us on a regular basis. Even when we don’t physically press play on any device ourselves, even just being out and about can surround us with song.

We hear music while in a shopping centre; while sitting in a park listening to the lunchtime buskers, or even on a train while sitting next someone who has their earphones on but their music is so loud that you too can hear the lyrics word for word.

But while we might enjoy listening to music; and if you’re like me – singing along; are we actually hearing the lyrics that are being sung?

A lot of people can recite every word to any song, but when asked what the song is about, they can’t tell me. Because they are only hearing it, they aren’t listening to it. There is a difference.

I on the other hand, love to listen to the lyrics of a song. I love to hear the story that’s being sung and in a lot of them, I also find inspiration.

I have compiled a list below of inspirational songs that I love and thought I’d share them for the next time you feel you need a song to listen to for a quick ‘pick me up’:

  1. I am blessed – Eternal
  2. Unbreakable – Faydee
  3. Brave – Sara Bareilles
  4. Fight song – Rachel Platten
  5. I hope you dance – Ronan Keating
  6. Today my life begins – Bruno Mars
  7. Invisible – Hunter Hayes
  8. Let it go – Idina Menzel
  9. On my way – Charlie Brown

My number 10 song, which is my most inspiring song of all time, requires the film clip because as much as the song alone is inspiring, listening to the song while watching the clip is just so much more inspiring!

Click here to watch Different on the outside, by Jaimie Lee.

Do you have any song that you find inspirational? I would love to know about it.

❤ MeLzY


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