Fork you Friday!

A local radio station does this segment every Friday, called ‘Fork you Friday!’

It’s quite funny to listen to sometimes, as they will share what they are angry about, whether it be something that happened during the week or simply something that occurred on their way to work that morning and then they will release this anger by yelling out “FORK YOU ________(insert problem here)!” and listeners will then ring to release their frustrations of the day aswell, and do the same.

So I thought I might try it on my blog every Friday aswell, to give not only myself but other’s a place they can vent and release their frustrations.

So let’s try it shall we?

Today I am frustrated with the fact that mother nature is holding the rain ransom for some unknown reason and our water tanks & dams are almost empty; our farm is crying out for rain, as are the horses who are running out of feed!


Feel free to vent your frustrations below..if it makes you feel even better, yell it at the computer as you type it.

❤ MeLzY


2 thoughts on “Fork you Friday!

  1. What an original concept, it’s good to rant and let it all go once in awhile right! I hope the rains come soon enough for you and your lovely farm. Does the drought last very long in your area? In between the monsoon season here we may go 5 months with no rain and then water rationing begins, not nice at all. Happy weekend ahead!


    1. I thought it would be a good concept but it didn’t really take off lol..
      We don’t normally have droughts like this, the weather is becoming strange. It will either rain continuously for a long period of time to point where we get sick of it, or we get nothing at all.
      Have a great weekend 🙂

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