Finding inspiration through grief

Grief is the last place you think you might find inspiration.

What inspiring things can possibly come from going through such a terrible ordeal and are also the worst times in your life?

You’d be surprised. Whilst we may not look for it, inspiration is always there- in every situation.

While going through the grieving process, you clearly aren’t thinking of anything else except how much everything you do and everywhere you go makes you feel worse by the day because you are missing that one person that is no longer here with you.

It’s only when you start to deal with your loss and look back to the time that you were grieving, that you realise how much losing a loved one can actually inspire us to do better and try harder from that point on.

“In grief we realise that the only thing more fragile than life is the living we take for granted.”

Losing a close relative of mine to one of the worst cancer’s out there, I naturally became a complete mess. But I also learnt a lot from having gone through it.

There is no time frame for grieving. Everyone deals with it in their own way and everyone’s grieving time frame is different. To be perfectly honest, I don’t think you ever really stop grieving for loved ones who have passed, you just kind of accept it in a way and get on with your life without that person in it because you have to and because life doesn’t stop for you while you deal with it.

You could be going through the worst time in your life, but when you go outside, you see the world is still carrying on as it always has and as it should- the mail man is still putting bills in your mail box; trips to the grocery store will always need to be done because the pantry will always need refilling; telemarketers will still call your number because no one knows any different. No one knows what you are going through because life just keeps going.

So after my relative passed, I became aware of a lot of charity events  that I never really knew existed before having gone through this painful ordeal. I have since attended the yearly relay for life; hosted a girls day in; along with many others.
I know this won’t bring my relative back but by attending and hosting these charities, I at least might be able to help save someone else’s.
Knowing that I am contributing to trying to save other people’s lives and save their relatives from going through what I went through, gives me a little bit of hope as well as comfort.

There is always inspiration and goodness to come out of any situation. You might not find it or want to look for it at the time, but it will eventually show itself to you down the track, when you are ready to see it.

So try to stay positive in every situation as best as you can- as hard as it is sometimes, try to use the inspiration for good and you in return will feel good too.

❤ MeLzY



3 thoughts on “Finding inspiration through grief

  1. Relay for Life is such a great way to support survivors and their care givers as well as remember those who left us too soon. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for counting us worthy to share your thoughts and feelings at such a sad time. In grief we mourn and appreciate the life we have, so true! Be blessed!

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