Seeing Lee Kernaghan in concert: an unforgettable experience!

After 17 albums, 33 Golden Guitars, 3 Aria Awards and 33 #1 hits on the Australian Country charts, it’s no wonder Lee Kernaghan is one of Australia’s leading contemporary music artists and one that hubby and I absolutely love to listen to!

Our small obsession started when we bought tickets to his show as a gift for some relatives who enjoyed his music. We decided to buy his greatest hits album for reason’s I don’t really remember now but am so glad we did because he is the best Country Music singer out there (in our opinion anyway).

We have been kicking ourselves that we bought his tickets for other people and have been patiently waiting for him to return so we can go see him this time.
And that day finally arrived on the Anzac long weekend.


He was absolutely AMAZING to see live and sounded just like he does on his albums.

We were the second table from the stage and we couldn’t have chosen better seats.
Being a country boy, he is very relaxed and laid back in nature so he allowed us to take as many photos and video as we liked. So when he was introducing some of the Anzac songs to us, I recorded him and he looked directly at my camera for me to make it more personal-it was just great!

The first half of the concert were his big hits from throughout the years and the second half was dedicated to his latest album ‘Spirit of the Anzac’s, which was only fitting considering it was the Anzac long weekend. Those songs were just as great and very touching to everyone in the room.

He was supported by The Wolfe Brothers from Tasmania and Christie Lamb from Campbelltown, which were also great performances but not as great as the man we were there to see.


To many people, Lee represents the spirit and values of contemporary rural Australia. His love of the Australian way of life features in his music, and he is a passionate supporter of Australia’s rural culture, which is why Hubby and I love him so much-because we can relate to his music and what he sings about.

For all the Lee Kernaghan fans out there: 2016 will see the release of yet another new album and 2017 will be a special year that will feature the 25th Anniversary Tour of Australia’s Boy From The Bush, which I know I’m looking forward to!

❤ MeLzY



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