Second overseas destination visited: VANUATU

Vanuatu was the destination hubby chose and organised for our honeymoon, which although was sooo long ago, we remember it as if it was yesterday-that’s the effect this place has on you. He wanted to surprise me with the destination and surprisingly, I let him! And I couldn’t have asked for a better honeymoon, not only did he choose a romantic tropical place, but he chose a secluded island off the main land that we still endlessly speak about until today.

Vanuatu is a short 4 hour and 40 minute flight from Sydney. It is a South Pacific Ocean nation, made up of approximately 80 islands.
The official languages spoken are French, English & Bislama, although we never heard anyone speak any French.
The currency used is Vanuatu Vatu, which is quite colourful paper money like monopoly.

We stayed at the Iriki Island Resort for 12 nights. The resort is it’s own private island, situated 3 minutes away from the main Port Vila and accessible via a free 24 hour ferry.


This majestic island offers a unique Iriki Pass (to purchase separately) when booking through flight centre, so you can plan your trip and save money along the way. It includes vouchers to use whilst on the island for activities such as abseiling & scuba diving, aswell as day trips and tours, meal vouchers and massages.

Obviously I can’t go through every single thing we did while there because we were there for almost 2 weeks and this post would be very long, so I’ll only talk about the highlights. One of the vouchers we used was the Vanuatu Jet boat ride. It was our first time on one of these and it was so exhilarating- we absolutely loved it!


We went on a tour to the Mele Cascades where we not only saw the most breathtaking waterfalls, but we were also aloud to swim in them. To reach the waterfalls, we had to walk through lots of water and hold onto rope aswell so we don’t get swept away. It was quite an adventure.


After the cascades, we went on a village tour where they showed us how they cut the coconut and drink out of it-it wasn’t as easy as they made out but fun nonetheless. They also did a cultural dance, which are always enjoyable to see.


Other things we did were a dinner sunset cruise, a day cruise around the islands, trips to the local markets and we hired a scooter and drove around the town where the locals live. That was quite an eye opener for us as they have very little luxuries.

The people are very friendly and make you feel very welcome.

There was a Tsunami warning while we were there but we didn’t even know about it until the warning had passed but that’s always a risk when travelling to tropical destinations. Luckily the worse we got was a big storm over night so when we woke up the next day, the resort was quite messy.

Other than that, it was a perfect holiday and honeymoon. A place we both wish to visit again one day and still recommend it t everyone we speak to.

❤ MeLzY



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