Third Overseas destination visited: LONDON

London was a short visit we did on our way to Malta. We have always wanted to go there and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go considering we were going to be so close to it as it was.

So I arranged all the accommodation from here myself and we stayed at  The Strand Palace Hotel, which the name itself sounds very classy and rich. It was a lovely hotel and we felt very important when the concierge opened the door for us every time we walked in and out of the building. We had never stayed in a hotel like this before, so it was just fantastic! It was in the heart of the city so we were within walking distance to everything I will be showing you in this post, which made it a lot easier to get around in such a short time.


Lucky we had booked a nice hotel to stay in because we ended up seeing more of it than we had anticipated when hubby got very bad sinus and spent a whole day of our London trip in bed! It was so disappointing considering we were only there for 2.5 days as it was because we booked a day trip to Paris aswell (that post to follow this one).
But these things can’t be helped and considering we only had 1.5 days in London by the end of it, and we walked everywhere, we actually got to see quite a lot and absolutely loved what we saw! We really want to go back when we get a chance and see the rest of what we didn’t get a chance to see the first time and do some tours and day trips.

But for the 1.5 days we were in beautiful London, whilst walking on the Westminster Bridge, which goes over the Thames River; this is what we did see:


The iconic London Eye. 

We got up super early and when we walked past this, it wasn’t yet open, so we kept walking and thought we’d come back to it later. Well we would have been better just waiting for it to open because the line was so long when we returned, we just didn’t want to waste any time lining up for so long. Definitely something to do when we go back. I’m sure the views would have been amazing!


Big Ben. 

Such a sight in real life. Truly amazing.



The palace of Westminster AKA The House of Parliament.

Such a great piece of architecture. I love the shape of this building. It’s so remarkable to look at.

As we kept walking around the beautiful city of London, we also saw these remarkable places:


The Aquarium.

I loved all the old buildings in London. I think a lot of it reminded me on Sydney, which is why I loved it there so much. It has a lot of similarities.


County Hall.

Another fantastic building to look at. So much detail. We didn’t go in any of these places as we didn’t have much time, but it was just great to see such great buildings from the outside at least.


The famous London Telephone Booth.

I just had to sneak this one in. You can’t possibly go to London and not take a photo of one of these. They are just great.


Buckingham Palace.

Of course you wouldn’t go to London and not see Buckingham Palace.

Hubby and I don’t follow the Royal family but it’s still a building you just have to see if you’re there.


This memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed is situated in the entrance of Harrods.

This shopping centre is by far the biggest and best one I have ever been to. It is huge! I don’t even remember how long it took us to do it all, but we didn’t want to leave. I wish we had one in Sydney. The way they organise and decorate every area is just art. The chocolate shop was so beautiful, you didn’t want to touch or eat anything. And the way they arrange their bread and fruit/veg- OMG!
Photos are not permitted in some areas of Harrods, that’s why I don’t have any unfortunately. Definitely a must see if you are there!


Changing of the guard

Another experience you have to see while in London at least once. What a way to give tourists an experience into the Royal Family.
The only down fall to watching this occur is the amount of people. You can’t move. They are just everywhere.


Trafalger Square.

It was so great to see these places in real life. Before this, we only ever knew them on the Monopoly board game, it was fun to find them for real.


Admirality Arch

A Latin inscription on the attic of the arch pays tribute to the famous queen; it says “ANNO DECIMO EDWARDI SEPTIMI REGIS VICTORIÆ REGINÆ CIVES GRATISSIMI MDCCCCX”, which can be translated as “In the tenth year of the reign of King Edward VII, to Queen Victoria from a grateful nation, 1910”.

The five arches of the majestic Admiralty Arch lead from Trafalgar Square to the Mall and further towards Buckingham Palace.

We also visited Whitehall Gardens, Hyde Park & Kensington Gardens and as we walked down the road from our hotel, we were spoilt for choice for theatres. There was one of every corner. There were 10 theatres all next to each other. Something to do next time we go.

Whilst walking through Trafalger Square, there were buskers after buskers performing. They wouldn’t let you take a photo unless you tipped them, but they were great to watch.

So as you can see, we did get to see a lot in a very short time. You just have to use your time wisely if you know it’s limited. Hopefully we do get to go back one day soon and see the rest of what wonderful London has to offer.

❤ MeLzY









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