Fourth overseas destination visited: PARIS

So as I previously mentioned in my London post, Paris was a day trip we took whilst staying in London and also while hubby had bad sinus, so he didn’t quite enjoy Paris because he didn’t really get to see it. The reason we still went was because it was already booked and paid for.

We took the Eurostar from London and within 2 hours and 15 minutes, we were in Paris. That in itself amazed me. If only we could do that from Australia. Be in another country within a couple of hours.
It was a smooth ride considering how fast it goes.


On arrival, we were greeted by our tour guide for the day and guided toward our tour bus.

Whilst on the bus, we passed some nice architectural buildings (which I have since forgotten what they were).



Before arriving at the famous Eiffel Tower.


We had some free time there to see the wonderful views from the top.


We then went on a guided 1 hour Seine River Cruise, where we saw some more beautiful buildings.












Then we were off to The Louvre where we saw a wide range of beautiful paintings and statues. Of course the most popular was the Mona Lisa, so I had to zoom in to get a decent photo without people in it.



Then it was back to London via the Eurostar again.

I guess we did see three main attractions in Paris and everything else we saw around us was great to see aswell but if we were to ever go again, we would like to do more of the local Paris, rather than the tourist side. We didn’t see or hear anyone speak French at all. Everyone were tourists like us. But what we saw (well what I saw) was enough for us for now.

❤ MeLzY


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