Fifth overseas destination visited: SICILY

Sicily was a day trip we did whilst holidaying in Malta. We booked the tour through Virtu Ferries and the trip was a quick hour and a half before arriving into another country altogether-which I loved!

We arrived at Pozzallo, which is a typical Sicilian fishing village, where we caught our Coach for the day.

While on the coach, we passed by Ispica, Rosolini, Siracusa and Catania before arriving at Taormina, where we enjoyed looking over Giardini Naxos and had free time for lunch, shopping and sight seeing.

Taormina is Sicily’s prime tourist resort and it faces Etna and the Blue Mediterranean. It is a beautiful picturesque location.







Then we were on the bus again making our way to Mt Etna. Along the way we stopped to sample some typical Sicilian delicacies like wines, almond sweets & honey.


Toward and at Mt Etna, from the Sylvestri Crater at 2000 metres, we had a panoramic view of the vast base of Etna and the effects of the most recent eruptions.

Mt Etna is the largest and most active volcano in Europe. It was simply amazing to experience in person.






We were taken somewhere for dinner while we waited for our departure ferry back to Malta.

It was a great experience and we loved every minute of it. It’s amazing how much you can see and do in the space of a day if organised correctly.

❤ MeLzY




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