Are we all selfish or just used to having it all?


Just imagine…

It’s 2:30pm on a Sunday afternoon.

It has been pouring with rain constantly for 2 days straight now, so you are stuck inside. But that’s ok, because there is always TV to watch and the internet to kill time. There is running water and lights are on to help you see on this gloomy day. So you are set. You have everything you need right where you are.

But then suddenly you don’t.

The movie you were hooked on has suddenly disappeared. The internet you were using has just stopped. The lights have all switched off and you don’t have access to water anymore because you live on tank water.

And all this has just happened because there is a blackout so you no longer have the luxuries you are so used to having.

And in that instant you start to panic. So you ring the electrical company and there is an automated message telling you that there is a power failure in your area but the cause is yet unknown, they are currently investigating the matter and hope to have the power back on by 2:30AM. Yes you read that right-AM!

More panic instantly sets in because you have dinner cooking in the slow cooker, which clearly won’t be ready in time for dinner, so sandwiches it has to be.
It’s already getting darker, so you rush around looking for torches and candles ready for when you need them.
Water is unavailable so as much as you hate to think about it, there can be no shower tonight.

And so that’s it. That’s all you can do when there is nothing else you can do. You light the fire so you can at least stay warm and have a bit of what light it gives out and you sit in the darkish room and stare out the window looking at the rain, hoping by some miracle they fix the problem quicker than they expected and you get power back.


You suddenly hear beeping sounds around the house and you realise appliances are being turned back on. You literally leap off the lounge in pure happiness. Run to the slow cooker and restart it, there is still time to save it for dinner.

Lights are back on, you can finish your movie and continue blogging (or whatever it was you were doing) and yes, you can have a shower after all.

All is right in the world once more, and life goes on as it should.

Moral of the story: It is selfish how quickly we panic when our luxuries are taking away from us, even for only an hour, when there are millions of people out in the world with no water and electricity at all and yet they manage to get by as best as they can. But the minute we no longer have these at our disposal, we are lost and don’t know what to do with ourselves.

What a shame this is how the world has become but that is the world as we all know it. Maybe next time we find ourselves in that situation, we can try to remember that although we might not have everything in that moment, at least we know we will eventually get it back, while there are other’s out there who have never had it at all.

❤ MeLzY


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