-May Favourites-

Although I have been blogging since February, I thought I would start doing the ‘Monthly Favourites Post’.
Not only to share with you all what I’ve been loving throughout the month, but it will also help me think back on the month that’s passed and see what I did with my time.
In a way, I guess it can boost your positivity-when you think you havn’t accomplished much because the month’s just seem to be flying by, this monthly post can change the way you look on everything.

So here it goes…

PRIDE & PREJUDICE : the book and the movie

I finally got around to reading this novel and then watching the movie. I have written a post on this previously, which you can read here.


With winter upon us and very windy days are settling in, this amazing product has helped me keep my lips nice and moisturised.


This is the best slow cooker I have ever used. Not only does it slow cook, but it also sears and browns too so you minimise the mess and hassle of having to get out and dirty so many pots and pans.


I go through fazes where I can’t get enough of this stuff, to the point where I just eat it out of the jar with a spoon..mmm! And this month was one of those fazes. Honestly one of the best and worst food products ever invented!

Well that’s my top 4 favourites for May..tune in at the end of June to find out what my top 4 favourites were for this month.

❤ MeLzY


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