Shopaholic book series: Book 2

Book 2: Shopaholic Abroad

GOODREADS SYNOPSIS: Sophie Kinsella’s Shopaholic Abroad will prove a big treat for fans of The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic with the irrepressible Rebecca Bloomwood, the financial journalist with the stratospheric credit card bills, returning to the high streets. But things have changed for the impulsive shopper: “I’m a completely different person from the old Becky. I’m a reformed character. I haven’t even got an overdraft!” Her high-flying boyfriend Luke has got a job in America and Becky’s going with him to the land of “yellow taxi cabs and skyscrapers, and Woody Allen and Breakfast at Tiffanys”; she’s also got the possibility of a television slot advising viewers on money matters. Of course New York also has department stores, lots of them.

So turns out I was right in my Book 1 post: Confessions of a shopaholic, where I said book 2 must also have been used in the movie.

They took bits and pieces from it, just like they did from book 1 and used it in the movie aswell.

I found this book very entertaining to read and do recall laughing out loud once or twice aswell. I couldn’t put the book down and ended up finishing it in a day!
That’s how you know it’s a good book.

Rebecca Bloomwood can get quite annoying to read at times when she gets carried away telling us about her own thoughts (yes she speaks directly to the reader). But I’m kind of used to it already, luckily, because there are another 5 or so books to go!

I doubt they took anything from book 3 onwards because book 3 is titled ‘Shopaholic ties the knot’ and we know that didn’t happen in the movie..but we’ll see shall we!

❤ MeLzY


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