Another country getaway: Dubbo

Our Dubbo getaway came about when I found out the biggest Rodeo in the Southern Hemisphere was held at Coonamble every June long weekend. And I have been wanting to go to a real rodeo ever since I read ‘The longest ride‘ by Nicholas Sparks.

So when I found out about this rodeo in Coonamble, well there was no question about it-we were going!
So I booked our accommodation in February so we don’t miss out and we were set!

So the June long weekend just passed and we set off on our long journey to the outback.

We drove through Katoomba as we made our way, passing through Bathurst and Orange before stopping in the small town of Stuart Town where we went gold panning. Unfortunately there was hardly any water in the creek, let alone gold but it was an experience.


We continued on through Mumbil and Dripstone before stopping in Wellington for some lunch and a quick look around.

We went to the local Historical Museum where people donate old objects such as farm implements.


We drove to the Wellington Caves but decided not to go in as confined spaces don’t go too well with me, and instead wondered through the Japanese gardens which were across the road.



Next to the Japanese gardens was a house covered in bottles. I don’t think it’s a normal residential house, just by looking at the front door but it wasn’t open, so we couldn’t have a look inside.


Wellington marks the half way point between Sydney and the outback.


Once we had seen what we wanted in Wellington, we drove on through Geurie, before reaching Dubbo. The place we would spend the next 3 nights in.

We stayed at the All Seasons Motor Lodge, which was ok. It had everything we needed for the time we spent there.

The next day was Rodeo day and we were hyped! We got in the car and drove another 2 hours from Dubbo to Coonamble, passing through Gilgandra on the long open roads before coming to a halt because cows were being mustered from paddock to paddock.


Once we passed through the herd, we continued on through Gulargambone (I love this name!), the town is known for gulars and there are gulars made out of corrugated iron everywhere throughout the town.


We continued on, and finally made it to the Coonamble rodeo. We took our seat and watched person after person attempt the most dangerous thing I have ever seen up close. And that is to try and stay upright on a horse or bull for 8 seconds. Not many made it to the 8 second mark, but the ones that did were amazing. So much skill goes into staying on top of this massive animal. As stupid as I think people are to even attempt this sport, I do enjoy watching it and it was the best day of our trip.

Here are a few of the good action shots I took whilst at the rodeo:










There were other events throughout the day aswell, it wasn’t all horse and bull riding.

One event was bull wrestling, where the person rides out on their horse and then jumps off onto the bull and wrestles it onto its back before tying its legs together, as quick as they can.



Another event was lassoing the cow by both the head and the feet, which was hard to do as it needs precision and great timing.


Another event was undecorating the cow. They have to lean down from their horse and take the pink tag off the cow.


It was a fantastic day and great fun to watch.

We started to make our 2 hour trip back to Dubbo, but before long there was another muster happening on the road, so we slowed down as we passed through.

We stopped through Gilgandra, home of the windmill. And peeped into the rural museum, which houses items such as old farm implements.




We made it back to Dubbo in time for the beautiful sunset over the green paddocks.


The next day we went to Dubbo Zoo. It took us about 5 hours to walk the whole zoo. There was a great range of animals to see but when you’ve been to a lot of zoo’s like we have, you start to compare them to each other and expect more from them.
The best part of this particular zoo was feeding the wallabies and seeing the massive tortoises.



After the zoo, we still had enough time, so we went to the old Dubbo Goal. The best part of this place was when a girl came out pretending to be one of the old convicts and told us how convicts tried to escape from there.


The following day we were up early to start on our long journey back home.


We drove through Dunedoo before stopping in Gulgong for breakfast. Gulgong is home of Henry Lawson and they had a big festival to celebrate his birthday over the June long weekend but we just missed it by 2 days.


We kept driving through Mudgee & Lue, before stopping in Rylstone and going to the Wollemi National Park for a 2 hour bush walk to see this amazing view.


Once we had recovered from our extreme bush walking (this was the most daring walk we have ever done), we continued through Kandos and Capertee, where we stopped at the Capertee Valley lookout which is the worlds second largest canyon.


We kept driving through Cullen Bullen, Lithgow and Richmond, and continued on to home.

A great country getaway with wide open spaces and not many cars passing by. Always a nice tranquil place to go away to.

❤ MeLzY







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