A question for all who know Adelaide

Hello fellow bloggers!

So I have recently booked a holiday to Adelaide, it isn’t until next year but I like to be organised and have an itinerary ready and everything booked so we can just enjoy the trip once there and not have to worry about booking things at the last minute with the fear of missing out, especially since we are going in a busy time-(March)

These are the items on our itinerary at the moment:

-Haigh chocolate factory
-Murray river lunch cruise
-Woodside cheese wrights
-Melba’s chocolate factory
-Mannum lookout
-Kangaroo island day trip
-Botanic gardens
-Jetty Rd, Glenelg
-McLeouds Daughter’s self drive tour
-Barrossa Valley
-Central markets
-Shopping in CBD (of course!)

So that’s a jam packed 6 days but my question is: Have I missed out on anything big worth seeing while there? I highly doubt we’ll ever be going back to Adelaide, so if there’s anything local’s or other’s who have been there know about and really think it’s a place worth visiting (that websites forget to mention), it would be great to know about it.

Thank you! 🙂

❤ MeLzY


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