Stranger than fiction

Whilst reading a novel, have you ever wondered what it would be like if the character’s weren’t fictional – if they were actually out there in the real world living through their narrator’s words as it’s being typed and turned into a novel?

I sometime’s wonder if there are actual real life people out in the big wide world who are just like the character’s I’m reading about, but I’ve never thought anything else of them really – until today.

Today, while browsing through Netflix, I came across a movie called ‘Stranger than fiction‘.

Image result for stranger than fiction
It is about a mentally unstable IRS auditor, (played by Will Ferrell) who hears an author’s, (played by Emma Thompson) voice in his head and discovers that he is the ill-fated protagonist of her latest work. While a book-company employee, (played by Queen Latifah) tries to cure the author’s case of writer’s block, the auditor and a professor, (played by Dustin Hoffman) set out to find the woman and make her change her story.

It is a truly unique movie, one which I have never seen anything like before and one which book lover’s might enjoy watching, as it gives another perspective to novels.

Imagine, as an author, you realise your main character actually exists and your intention was always to kill him off at the end of the novel – what would you do? Would you continue with your original plans for the story and kill him off anyway? Or would you change the ending of your story because you can’t possibly kill a fictional character who now turns out, isn’t fictional at all?!

Well that’s what this movie is about and it was quite an interesting watch. A little confusing at times, but worth a look if you love to read.

So if you have Netflix- look it up and let me know what you think!



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