10 Day Road Trip: Day 1

Hubby and I just spent the last 10 days road tripping up to Hervey Bay and back, stopping at numerous destinations along the way.

It was a jam packed adventure- very hectic and tiring at times, but a great experience!

So this was day 1.

First stop: TAMWORTH

The place to go if you love country music. I love it, so I loved this place.

Famous for the annual Country Music Festival, which is a great time to go-and home of the Golden Guitar.


The Golden Guitar is located in front of the information centre and as you walk into the centre itself, the walls are lined with signed guitars that belonged to Country Music Singer’s, such as Lee Kernaghan and Kenny Rogers.


Also in the information centre is a wax museum with wax statues of Country Music Singers. We didn’t go in to see them this time though.

Another place to see country music memorabilia is at the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame. The building was built in the shape of a guitar, which is pretty cool and unique. Obviously I couldn’t get a picture of this as you need an aerial view, but this is one off the internet.

Image result for tamworth hall of fame

We went for a walk through Bicentennial Park and statues of passed country music singer’s lined the footpath. It was a nice memorial for them in the place best known for country music.


For those who aren’t into country music so much, there is a lovely lookout to visit called Oxley Lookout. I’ve personally never been to a lookout that is so well maintained and spacious with lots of picnic tables and car spaces, aswell as well maintained paths and gardens.


We also did the heritage drive around the town, following the guide given to us at the information centre. It has old court houses, churches, train stations, community centre’s. etc.

20161025_142624.jpg 20161025_142745.jpg





Tamworth also has something we had never seen anywhere else. A Playground. But not an ordinary playground. This one was so big and colourful and had so many things to play with. It was a great playground that adults can enjoy too, not just kids!



So we filled our day in Tamworth nicely. We did everything we wanted to do and saw everything we wanted to see. It was the right amount of time for us.

We then checked in at the Tamworth Lodge Motel, which had everything we needed for one night’s rest before continuing our road trip bright and early the next day.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

❤ MeLzY



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