10 Day Road Trip: Day 2

Day 2 of our road trip consisted mostly of driving through a lot of places in order to get to our resting place for the evening, which was at a relatives place, with a few stop’s in between.

So from Tamworth, we drove through Armidale, but there wasn’t anything interesting enough for us to stop and see there, so we continued to Glenn Innes (known as the Celtic Country), where I had to find a particular shop and take a photo of it.


The Big Book shop consists of second hand and antique books, with over 200,000 titles.
Unfortunately for me it wasn’t open when we got there but a peak through the front doors told me it would be very hard to maneuver around the shop anyway, with books piled from floor to ceiling! So a photo was just as good.

Also in Glenn Innes, we went to the Australian Standing Stones.
These stones apparently act as a clock and when aligned with the sun, will tell you what time it is as well as the date.

From Glenn Innes, we drove on through Tenterfield where we tried to find the big bald rock. It is apparently the largest rock after Ayers Rock and you can climb it. Unfortunately for us, the lady at the information centre gave us the wrong directions, so we didn’t find it!
We did however find Boonoo Boonoo National Park which consisted of a short walk to a lovely waterfall and rock pool.



Our next stop was Toowoomba. This was also our first stop in Queensland. Not only did we gain an extra hour because they don’t do daylight savings like we do but the weather also changed dramatically. It was beautiful and warm, as opposed to Sydney’s terrible cold windy weather that doesn’t seem to want to change.

At Toowoomba we stopped at Picnic Point Park. Not only did the lookout present us with a beautiful view, but there was also a man made waterfall there, which was stunning!



People have also put padlocks with their names on it on ‘the hitching rail’, which was a nice touch to the park.


The park was a lovely place to stop, refresh and stretch our legs a bit before driving on to our relatives place for the night.

Stay tuned for day 3!

❤ MeLzY



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