10 Day Road Trip: Day 3

Day 3 was spent at Tangalooma Island.

We parked our car at Holt Street Wharf in Brisbane and caught the ferry to Tangalooma from there.


We had pre-purchased a day cruise which entitled us ferry transfers, 7 hours on Tangalooma island, access to 2 of their resort swimming pools and lunch vouchers.


It was well worth the money.
7 hours on an island might sound like a lot of time, but it surprisingly went past very quickly.

By the time we walked around to see what’s actually there, walked along the beach and took a lot of photo’s, pretty soon it was lunch time. Lunch was yumo and so once we had finished lunch, we went for a dip in one of the resort pools but it was too cold. It was a beautiful looking pool but no heating, which we were very surprised at. Being a resort, you’d expect heated pools. But this is really the only criticism I had for the entire day.


So we went and swam in the beach for the rest of the afternoon because that was actually a lot warmer and so nice to be in.


As we walked along the beautiful beach, we came across so many starfish sitting along the sand. I had never seen them so up close before and they are just beautiful creatures!


Tangalooma Island is known for dolphins. Every night dolphins come to the island and guests hand feed them. Our day cruise only let us stay on the island until 4pm, so we unfortunately missed out on this experience.

This day trip was a highlight for our us during our road trip, a wonderful experience and would highly recommend it to everyone!

❤ MeLzY


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