10 Day Road Trip: Day 4

Another day up bright and early – (it’s amazing how little sleep you get whilst on a road trip) to set off for more driving as well as adventures along the way.

After driving through a few more places along the way, we eventually arrived at the Sunshine Coast. Home of the Big Pineapple.


Here, you can walk up through the big pineapple and learn all about the process- from how they are grown to how they end up in our supermarkets. It is quite educational and interesting.



There is also a small organic pineapple farm on the grounds.


For $5 each, you can take a train ride around the property, passing various varieties of fruit trees and it also takes you around the little zoo they also have on their grounds, where you can choose to get off and have a walk around, or continue on the train.


From the Big Pineapple, we drove to our next motel for the night in Maroochydore.
We checked in first, then made our way a few minutes away to Mooloolaba to board our whale watching cruise, which we had organised at home.

It was supposed to be a 3 hour cruise (which we already thought was a little too long), but it ended up being a 3.5 hour cruise and not all that enjoyable.

The water was very choppy and a lot of people got sea sick. Because it was late in the season, there aren’t too many whales left around as they are making their way south for the summer, so it took the captain 1.5 hours to finally locate one whale and unfortunately it didn’t put on a show for us and kept hiding, making the captain work hard to keep finding it.
The times we did get to see it, we basically only saw it’s tale, so then it was another 1.5 hours to make our way back to shore.
It was a nice experience (for the little bit we did get to see), but something I would probably not do again.


The evening in Mooloolaba was the highlight for the day. With their long beautiful esplanade and endless choice for food, it was a great way to end the day before moving on to our next destination in the morning.

❤ MeLzY



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