10 Day Road Trip: Day 5

After such an enjoyable evening spent walking the esplanade of Mooloolba on day 4, you wouldn’t expect to also have a fantastic morning at your next destination- but we did.

We arrived at Noosa around 7:30am, which is quite early, so we didn’t expect the place to be buzzing with people yet. But it was. There was a triathlon on that particular day we were there, so there were cyclists everywhere and people training and lots of other people just out to watch them.
The beach was already packed with people, either sun baking or already swimming because the weather was already hot. It was just crazy. It wasn’t what we had expected to find at Noosa at all, but we really enjoyed it.

For us, Noosa was only a stop before reaching our sleeping destination- Hervey Bay, so we thought we would just drive around the town, see what’s there and keep going. But we couldn’t. They have the most wonderful boardwalks along the beach and we just had to walk them.

So the next hour or so was spent walking along the boardwalks, while every single person there ran past us. It really seems like the kind of place that if you live there, you have to run on this boardwalk daily, because that’s all everyone was doing. But we were quite happy to walk it.

Once we finished our morning walk, we went to Laguna Lookout, which was just beautiful.


Once finished with Noosa, we hit the road again to make our way to Hervey Bay.

We found there wasn’t a whole lot to see or do in Hervey Bay, so we just walked around the Marina and the longest pier we’d ever come across.



One thing we learnt on day 5 was that you can’t always listen to other people. You have to try things yourself. People had told us Noosa was boring and Hervey Bay was great, but we found them to be the opposite.

Soon, another day was over and we couldn’t wait for the next one because a day trip adventure awaited!

❤ MeLzY





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