10 Day Road Trip: Day 6

On day 6 we woke up bright and early for our day trip to Fraser Island.

The tour bus picked us up from the Beach Motel, which was nice and convenient for us and soon we were off on the ferry that took us on a half hour ride to Fraser Island.


This particular tour bus is the only one that picks up all 16 passengers and then also boards the ferry with us ready to start the island tour direct off the ferry. All other tours meet their passengers on Fraser Island off the ferry but then this bus has very little suspension, so we found the ride to be very bumpy and rough, whereas all the other tour busses are better equipped for this kind of driving conditions.

Once we arrived on Fraser Island, we were off! The island is basically all sand and rainforest, with so many different types of trees, our driver never stopped talking. It was a quite informative day to say the least.

Our first stop was the beautiful Lake Mackenzie. With water so clear and sand like no other, it is the finest sand you will ever see and it’s also good for cleaning jewellery and exfoliating your skin. We could have stayed here all day.


Because it’s a lake, the water was all natural rainwater and was nice enough to drink.

It was absolute heaven and we didn’t want to leave, but stop number two (and lunch) was calling us, which was Central Station.

Central Station was where the indigenous people used to live.
It has a small school and various boards that explain how the people lived back then. It was quite interesting and very informative.


Also at Central Station is Wanggoolba Creek. Which is a ribbon of rainforest in a sheltered gully. It was a beautiful walk to have after a nice lunch. A lot of work was put into this boardwalk for tourists to enjoy.








Once we had all finished our walk, it was back in the bus to drive on the sand along 75 mile beach. We didn’t stop here to swim and we were ok with that because there was a lot of algy in the water, so it wasn’t very inviting but still lovely to look at and also very relaxing because driving on the sand made it the smoothest ride we’d had all day!


The beach seriously felt like it went on forever and we didn’t even drive the whole length of it. We drove to our next stop which was also on the beach. The ship wreck. This ship was transporting goods when it became ship wrecked. They had planned to get it out and take it back but one of the parts fell off it so they decided to just leave it there. It was originally in the water but over time it has ended up on the sand, which makes it easier for tourists to see and take photo’s of.



Also whilst driving along 75 mile beach we stopped to look at The Pinnacles which are coloured sand formations.


Our last stop for the day on Fraser Island was Eli Creek, also situated along 75 mile beach. It is a natural rain water flowing creek and people walk along the overhead boardwalk and then either choose to swim down it, walk it- because the water is only knee to waist high deep or sit on a rubber tube and let it take them along it. It was a nice fun way to end the day but it was too populated with tourists as well as locals.



So after a whole day on Fraser Island, it was time to get back on the ferry to take us back to our hotel for another night in Hervey Bay.

It was a jam packed day with numerous stops but we weren’t rushed at any of them. We had enough time at each one. And the best part was, we had a day off from driving, which is always nice during a road trip.

❤ MeLzY


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