10 Day Road Trip: Day 7

After a relaxing weekend in Hervey Bay (I say relaxing because we didn’t do much driving), it was time for us to hit the road again and start heading back down South.

We were originally going to keep driving up North to Bundaberg but decided against it when we realised how much more driving we were going to have to do that day in order to be back at our relatives place to sleep that night.

So instead, we decided to drive the tourist drive that will eventually take us to where our relatives lived.

We drove to Tin Can Bay first, it sounds like a fun little town but in reality there isn’t much there at all. It’s a very small sleepy town where I think most people would know eachother.

So we continued on to the tourist drive, which started at Manly. Manly was a beautiful little place to stop and stretch your legs on the pier, which we were in desperate need of doing by then. This pier was different to other’s we’d seen because at the end of it were little huts you can picnic under and also the stairs at the end aswell, which you can use to go for a swim. It was nice and original to see because piers all normally look the same.



We continued on through Wellington Point, where we drove to the beach to take a quick photo before driving on.


And then stopped to see the Cleveland Point lighthouse.


Whilst driving along the tourist drive, we came across some lovely beaches and Marina’s.



And then we arrived at our relatives place to rest for the night.

So not a hectic jam packed day of adventure but a nice one still at that.

❤ MeLzY



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