10 Day Road Trip: Day 9

We got up bright and early and made it back to New South Wales to Byron Bay within only a couple of hours, which was great, so we had the whole day and night there.

We were really looking forward to checking this place out as we had heard a lot about it.

So when we arrived, we drove around the town first to see what there is and the first thing we noticed was the parking meters. Everywhere you park was with a ticket.
So we kept driving up to the lighthouse, where we were then stopped by a ranger only to tell us that the lighthouse parking was also by meter. We found this quite ridiculous really. We have been to so many lighthouses in our time and never have we had to pay to park there. But Byron Bay is a very popular tourist destination and so they milk everything they can out of them. That and the fact that Byron Bay is known for hippies, so they try to eliminate them parking their hippy vans everywhere by putting meters around.

We instead chose to drive to our motel, check in and then walk everywhere. Luckily for us our motel was in the best location and the town was easily accessible by foot.

So we decided to make the walk to the light house. This wasn’t going to be a quick, easy walk but we had time to kill.
First we walked the streets and checked out their shops, then walked along the beach and onto the light house trail.


As we walked above the beautiful beaches of Byron Bay, we (eventually) found ourselves at the light house.



It was well worth the walk because the views from up there were spectacular.

Because we had taken the ‘easy way’ to get to the light house, we decided to take the ‘harder way’ back down. It was known as the ‘harder way’ because the walk consisted of stairs, but this didn’t bother me too much because we were going down them.

The views were amazing and we walked to every lookout available to enjoy them even more.


At one point of the walk, we were actually at the most Easterly point of the Australian Mainland, which was pretty cool.



Finally, after over 3 hours of walking, we made it back to our motel room for a short lie down before going back out to see what Byron Bay’s nightlife is like.

First we wanted to find the place that the cast of The Inbetweener’s stayed at whilst filming their second movie (because we like their show so much), and found it was only down the road from where we were staying.


We then went back to the beach to see the sunset and there were so many people just sitting along the rocks above the beach, it was crazy. We had never seen anything like it. There were people playing bongo’s and other’s dancing to their beat. It was such a friendly vibe, everyone were friends with each other. It was really nice to see.

Although the sunset was not over the beach, I did get some nice photo’s of dusk.


We left them all to their dancing and went back to the motel to get a good night’s sleep, ready for tomorrow’s adventure!

❤ MeLzY


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