10 Day Road Trip: Day 10

Our road trip was quickly coming to an end, but we still had a few places to stop at yet.

From Byron Bay we drove quite a long time and detoured quite a bit too, to go to Ebor Falls.

We took the tourist drive out of Byron Bay, which took us through Lennox Head and Ballina (home of the big prawn), as well as Grafton.


The road we had to take to get there was so long and windy, it was quite fun to drive but I was also glad when it was over.

Considering we detoured about 2 hours to see these waterfalls, I began to regret that decision once we arrived.
As nice as it was, we were lucky there for half an hour and because it hadn’t rained much recently, the waterfalls wern’t 100% full flowing, but still nice to see though.





We continued our journey to arrive at Port Macquarie, where we would sleep that night, going through Dorrigo, which had some nice farms to look at.


We eventually arrived at Port Macquarie later that afternoon and because we had been there before, decided to check out the shopping centre before dinner and then went for a walk along the beach which is lined with large rocks that people have painted various things on throughout the years. Some are funny while others are sentimental.




Port Macquarie was a really nice lace to stop and relax and not do too much at all.

The following morning, while still in Port Macquarie, before heading home, we drove to the lighthouse because we had never been to this one before.

As we drove toward the lighthouse, we passed some beautiful beaches.




From the lighthouse, we saw a pod of dolphins and also some whales in the distance, which was very exciting!


Although they didn’t do any jumps or anything, it was still very exciting to see.



The whales were a bit far to see but we had our biggest lens on our camera and were able to see there were more than 4 out there next to each other, which is more than we got to see while on our whale watching cruise in the Sunshine Coast because they are now migrating to the South. For this reason, we became slightly obsessed with the whales and decided to stop at Seal Rocks on our way home because it’s on a point, which is where you are more likely to see them. This of course made our drive home even longer the next day.

❤ MeLzY




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