The end of our Road trip

So our road trip was actually 11 days when you count the drive home and it was such a fun adventure- we didn’t want it to end.
Given that it wasn’t really a short road trip, it did feel like it went by quickly because we stopped so frequently and saw so many things.

As we drove out of Port Macquarie we saw the camels they use for rides along the beach (something I wanted to do but didn’t get a chance to).


On our way to Forster, we went to the Sugarloaf lighthouse.

Then stopped in Forster for lunch because we couldn’t just drive past it. We have been there a couple of times before and just love it. It’s a beautiful place to visit.

From Forster we detoured a bit to Seal Rocks to try and spot some whales but didn’t have any luck. We didn’t stay all that long because we had to get home and we had been to the Seal Rocks lighthouse before too. It’s a beautiful place but the walk to the lighthouse is very steep!

A few hours later we arrived home and back to reality. It’s always nice to be home but we weren’t quite ready to get back yet. We were having so much fun on our adventure’s-seeing and stopping at so many different places is just amazing.
As tired as we were from all the driving and seeing so many things in such a short time, it’s truly amazing at just how much you can see and do if you drive it. Your options are endless and if you keep it to a budget (like we did), you can still enjoy so much. What you skimp on some days, you indulge in on other days, you can have the best of both worlds if you plan it out right.

Now to start planning our next one!

❤ MeLzY



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