A day in Palm Beach

For those of you who don’t know, Palm Beach is a Northern Beach in Sydney and is also the location used for one of my favourite TV shows: Home & Away.

We have been to this place a few times in the past but never to swim and have never walked to the lighthouse either.

So this time, seeing as we had the whole day there and it was quite a hot day, we decided to do it all.

First we found parking where there was no meter because most parking around there is ticketed, then we walked to the lighthouse. There were 2 options to get to the lighthouse. One was an easy walk and the other was a harder walk. So we chose to do the harder walk to get there and the easy walk to get back down.

The walk was quite hard but the views were amazing.


If you watch the show regularly, you’ll remember seeing these aerial shots, used quite often.

This is Alf’s bait shop used in the show and the pier that’s always seen aswell. The bait shop is also a bait shop in real life, as well as a merchindise shop for tourists.



This is the back of the diner but only one table is used in the show here as the actual diner is a set.


This is the quiet side of the beach, not many people use it and it’s also not used too much in the show either.


This is the outside of the surf club where they sit and eat their gelato.


And this is the outside of the surf club (on the bottom), as well as the restaurant ‘Salt’ (on the top). People are not allowed inside either of these, so I assume the insides of these places used on the show are a set aswell.


One of the main access points to the beach used on the show, as the other’s are quite steep.


And the side of the beach used quite often as they walk to school and run along the beach etc..also the more popular side to swim.



It was a beautiful day spent in Palm Beach (aka Summer Bay) and a popular place for tourists who I suppose come to see where the long running show is filmed.

❤ MeLzY



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