It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

The years seem to be flying by faster each year, so when Christmas comes back around I normally take a while to get into the Christmas mood because it feels like we only just got over the last one and the next one is here again already.

But this year, I don’t know why, but I am more excited about Christmas and am doing more ‘Christmasy’ things to enjoy it more.

Every year we drive to the Cascades in Mt Annan to walk the streets and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights the majority of the houses in that area do. It is such a beautiful place to go and get into the Christmas spirit, as well as walk around and admire all the hard work and so much effort everyone puts into making their houses sparkle with so many lights and decorations. I just love it!








So if you want to see some magical Christmas lights but don’t want to drive far for only one or two houses, then go to The Cascades in Mt Annan where there are so many houses lit up, it will take you an hour or more to see them all! It is well worth the drive!

Also this Christmas, for the first time ever, we went to Carols by the lake in Mittagong. I had never been to any Carols before and wanted to go this year to see what it was like. It was a great turn out, with so many people there, it was really great to see the Community get together and support the carols.

The atmosphere was a great experience, but unfortunately Sydney being Sydney with 4 season’s in one day, did just that and the night was freezing! We are in Summer but that night felt like we were right back in the middle of Winter again, which was a shame because it made the night quite uncomfortable and so we left early but the carols that we did see were lovely.

I would love to know what Christmas events you have been to this year?

❤ MeLzY


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