Getaway to Nelson Bay

We were in desperate need of a break, so when the opportunity came- we took it.

Having been to pretty much everywhere you can think of along the NSW coast, we have reached the point where we have to start doubling up. So what better place to start with than the first place we went to for a weekend away as a married couple – Nelson Bay!

Being that Valentine’s Day was only 2 days away aswell, we thought we’d combine it and celebrate Valentine’s a little early.

So we arrived on Friday. It was only a 3.5 hour drive to get there, which wasn’t too bad at all. We checked in at the Marina Resort (which actually happened to be the same place we stayed in 9 years when we first went there), located one street away from the Marina itself and our view was delightful.



We spent the extremely hot day walking the streets and going into every possible shop to cool off in the air conditioning before enjoying our Valentine movie  – no other than Fifty Shades Darker.

On Friday night they had market’s set up along the marina, which was a nice little stroll to walk off dinner.


On Saturday morning, after indulging in our included buffet breakfast, we went on our included dolphin watch cruise that came with our room.
As much as it was another extremely hot day, the sea breeze made it a little more bearable.
The boat itself was nice and smooth, it felt like we weren’t on the water at all which was great for me because I tend to get sea sick when it’s very choppy but we didn’t go out into the deep sea because the dolphin’s in Nelson’s Bay tend to stay close to the Marina.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to see all that many dolphins but there were one or two swimming around and a couple of penguins aswell.



After the cruise, we walked around the Marina a bit before getting some seafood for a light lunch.


After lunch we drove around looking for the best beach to do some body boarding but unfortunately didn’t find any. The majority of beaches around this area are bays and so not all that many waves comes in, but we settled for Fingle Bay and it was just beautiful. The water was nice and warm aswell as crystal clear. A relaxing afternoon in this gorgeous place was what we needed to escape the extreme heatwave.



After our relaxing afternoon at Fingle Bay, we got ready for our included 3 course dinner at the Marina Resort, which was very yum! (But I forgot to take photo’s of it because we were so hungry after spending the afternoon at the beach!)

After a 3 course dinner, a walk is needed. So around the Marina we went again.


On Sunday morning, after another morning of indulging in our included buffet breakfast, we checked out and drove to a couple of lookouts in the area.

The first one was called Gan Gan Lookout and it was a beautiful view first thing in the morning. Not a long walk to get to it which was also nice as we were still waking up.



The second lookout was at the Tomaree National Reserve and that one was not so easy. It took us half an hour to climb to the top of the mountain – which doesn’t sound too bad does it? But we were sweltering in the heat and there were a lot of steep steps but well worth it when you get to the top.





Another half an hour and we were back at the bottom again and driving back home, but not until we made a pit stop at Sommersby Falls in the Gosford area.

Sommersby Falls are known for their beautiful cascading waterfalls. There are the top falls, middle falls and bottom falls and people swim (more like splash around) at the bottom of the falls but because we have had such a dry summer this year, unfortunately there wasn’t much water cascading down and only little puddles left for people to splash in. Never the less though, the people were still flocking in on such a hot day, hoping to cool off any way they could.



Then it was back home and our much needed break/Valentine’s weekend came to an end. But it was very enjoyable and worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

❤ MeLzY






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