Adelaide – Day 1

After a 2 hour flight to Adelaide first thing in the morning, we wasted no time once we arrived in Adelaide CBD to begin our sight seeing.

As Adelaide is known as ‘the city of churches’, we drove around the city streets, looking at all the old beautiful churches and taking a sneak peak inside the ones that were open.


We then went to a free 20 minute Haigh’s Chocolate Tour where we learnt about the history of the franchise and got to taste various kinds of their chocolate and see the factory working in action, preparing all the Easter eggs as well as their normal every day chocolates too.

We then caught the free city tram to Rundle Mall to check out what shopping this city has to offer. It was a very long street with so many shops, it took us ages to get through it all.

There were brass pigs in the middle of mall, which I am still unsure as to why they were there but they were cute anyway.

Rundle Mall has the biggest Kmart I’ve ever seen. With 3 levels, it even has a lift inside! But upon inspecting this kmart, we didn’t notice them having any more than our normal kmart has.


My first impressions of Adelaide CBD were not what I expected really. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I think I expect it to be a little nicer.
You can tell the city there was ‘planned’ before it was built because it is so spacious. The roads there are quite wide, whereas a typical city is quite crammed and gives you a claustrophobic feeling.
As much as it’s a fairly new city compared to others, there are still some nice old buildings to see aswell.
The city is situated close to a lot of tourist destinations, such as the Barossa Valley, which was an hour’s drive away and Hahndorf, which was only a half hour drive.

We stayed at RNR Apartments, which had a great location being only a 2 minute walk to the free tram service, it was a spacious 3 bedroom apartment with a kitchen and 2 bathrooms, which was what we needed when sharing with another family.

Day 1 wasn’t too eventful as we had just arrived, so stay tuned for day 2 where the holiday really begins!

❤ MeLzY


9 thoughts on “Adelaide – Day 1

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  6. Our Adventures and Explorations

    We have been living in South Australia now for 5 months. We love the city but The Barossa is our favourite, did you manage to visit during your stay in Adelaide?

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      1. Our Adventures and Explorations

        Saturday afternoons wine tasting…perfect! I also love how friendly everyone is. Yes we are settling in great thank you

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