Adelaide – Day 2

We started day 2 with a 1 hour and 20 minute drive to Wodlane Reserve for a Murray River lunch cruise on board the Proud Mary.

As soon as we boarded the boat, we all fell in love with it. The inside reminded us of a classic boat such as the titanic. It felt like we should be sipping a brandy while on it.



The cruise was very calming and relaxing, with not much to see but still a great experience to have and the lunch was a buffet with a good variety of foods and fruit, as well as prawns!



Once the cruise was over, we drove to Mannum lookout, which wasn’t far from Woodlane Reserve. From there we saw the Murray River from a different view.


From the lookout we drove to Woodside Cheese Wrights, where we got to taste various kinds of cheeses.

Next door to the Cheese Factory, was Melba’s Chocolate Factory, where we got to taste more chocolate and see a bit of their factory in action.




Full from all the cheese and chocolate tastings, we drove back to the city and went to see the Torrens Weir.


After dinner we took the tram to a St Patrick’s Day festival. There were people all dressed in green and Irish singers and food. It was a different experience for us because we had never been to any St Patrick’s Day celebration before this and we quite enjoyed it.

So day 2 was quite eventful and we enjoyed every place we stopped at, we couldn’t wait to see what day 3 had install for us!

Read day 1 here and stay tuned for day 3!



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