Adelaide – Day 3

Day 3 took us to the picturesque Victor Harbour which was a 1 hour and 15 minute drive from the city.

We got there fairly early on a Saturday morning so it wasn’t yet buzzing with people but it was also good because we got to enjoy a nice quiet stroll along the beach and the town.


The main attraction in Victor Harbour is the horse drawn tram and I think it’s the main reason people go to Victor Harbour because it’s the only one around and it’s just so cool!
The tram takes you across the 630 causeway bridge to Granite Island. We didn’t take the tram but we were sure to take photos of it!



Also in Victor Harbour there were pony’s to ride, a whale centre, a tramway centre, and a discovery centre/museum. A lot weren’t open yet when we were there though.



From Victor Harbour, we made our way to Cape Jervis to catch the ferry to Kangaroo Island.
Cape Jervis was a nice enough place with a nice little light house on the top of the hill.

Unfortunately I wouldn’t recommend going to Kangaroo Island for the simple fact that the ferry cost way too much and you do more driving to get to the tourist places on the island (which aren’t even that many) then actually seeing the sights. It’s really not worth it, but as we were there, we went to Admirals Arch. We didn’t see the arch but this is what we did see.



It was a nice view and all but it being in a National Park meant you also have to pay to go and see this arch, which we found ridiculous after already paying a large amount to get onto the island.

Our next stop after another long drive was to the remarkable rocks. You didn’t have to pay to see this one and the view was also nice but also not worth paying so much money to see it.


Once we drove the long journey back to catch our ferry back to Adelaide, we stopped at Kingscote to stretch our legs. It was home to a lot of pelicans and smelt quite fishy!


On our way back to Adelaide on the ferry we had the most beautiful sunset, which was actually nicer to see than what we saw on Kangaroo Island.


So our day started off great at Victor Harbour and ended nicely with the beautiful sunset, it’s a shame Kangaroo Island let us down, but we were in Adelaide and I really don’t see us going back, so it’s only common sense to go check it out.

You can read day 1 here and day 2 here.

Stay tuned for day 4!

❤ MeLzY





5 thoughts on “Adelaide – Day 3

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  4. Aislinn Rossi

    I love these posts about your Adl trip! As an Adelaidean native it’s fun to read an outsider’s perspective, but I have to say, you missed the bits that make the area so fantastic: the animals! The main attraction down at Victor Harbour is Granite Island which has a colony of Little Penguins. There are tours after dark to see all the little guys. Similarly on Kangaroo Island, Seal Bay is where you wanna go, to see the sea lion colony.

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