Adelaide – Day 5

Day 5 was our other favourite day filled with so much to see and do, it was quite exciting because we couldn’t wait to go to the place where Mcleods Daughters was filmed!

So first we drove 1 hour to Kingsford Homestead to see the house/farm that was used as the Mcleod property AKA Drover’s Run.

The famous house used for Mcleods Daughters (Drover’s Run)
This is the house on the property where Meg & Jodi lived (on the show)
This was the shearing shed used on the show

A 10 minute drive from here took us to Freeling where all other buildings used in the show lived and for the show was named Gungellan which was funny because in the show they say ‘Gungellan is a 2 hour drive from Drover’s Run.

This was very exciting to see !
This was used as the Gungellan Hotel
The famous windmill & bathtub used on Drover’s Run now moved into Freeling’s town for tourists.
Used as Gungellan Town Hall for the show
This was the coolest because the name used on the show was still on it! Obviously not in use anymore but at least they left it there as memorabilia. 

We went from the home of Mcleods Daughter’s to the Barossa Valley which was only a further half an hour drive.

We started with the streets lined with Palm trees, which made us think we were in California more than the Barossa Valley but it was pretty to see nonetheless.


The streets lined with palm trees led us to the Barossa sculpture park, which was also Menglers Hill look out. The sculptures were interesting but unsure why they were there really and why some you can tell what they are and others you can’t.




For lunch we went to Kies Family Wines only because they had the more ‘normal’ menu out of a lot of the vineyards there (and there are a lot!)

The food was lovely and whilst we were there we did a little wine tasting.




Each table had a little monkey with a saying – very cute!

Our next stop was Maggie Beer’s farm shop! For those who havn’t heard of her – this is Maggie Beer:


She has her own cooking show and is a judge on Masterchef. Whilst in her shop we got to sit in on a cooking demonstration in the kitchen set that she uses on her show. She wasn’t the one cooking though, it was her assistant, but we learnt a few handy tips and got to taste the food at the end.

Throughout her shop there are numerous samples of all her jams and all sorts of things to try and she even has her own ice cream, which we had to try (of course).



From Maggie Beer’s place, we went to a number of different vineyards to do some wine tasting.

The places we visited were very nice and the views were just gorgeous.




We stopped in at Chateau Tanunda just for a sneak peek!


Before we left the Barossa, we drove past the big rocking horse, unfortunately we couldn’t get out of the car to see it properly because it was pouring down rain but it was pretty cool to see from the car too.


And that completes day 5, leaving us with only one more day of Adelaide adventures before coming back home, but it was a great day with plenty to see and do.

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Stay tuned for day 6!

❤ MeLzY



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