Adelaide – Day 6

Our last day in Adelaide began at the Central Markets. It’s a place full of fresh fruit and vegetables only. It was nice to see but it wasn’t all that great really. There were pallet jacks everywhere blocking the walk ways and it got a little annoying by the end having to dodge them but the fruit was great!

For those who watch Married at first sight, this is Jesse’s dad’s shop.


Our last stop for our trip was the awesome Harbour Town Outlet centre where I had the best shopping day ever! This outlet centre, unlike all the other one’s I’ve been to, actually had the shops I like and they are actually quite cheap too! I loved it!


From Harbour Town it was time to farewell Adelaide and head back to the airport and wait for our hour delayed flight (not a great way to end the holiday).

Overall Adelaide was a nice place to visit, I didn’t love it so I doubt I’ll ever go back but it was nice to visit at least once. The weather was great to us the whole time we were there (it only rained once), which made it all the more enjoyable.

I would recommend Adelaide for a short holiday. 6 days was plenty of time to see everything we wanted to. We may have missed out on a couple of places but we saw everything we had written down before hand.

You can see day 1 here, day 2 here, day 3 here, day 4 here & day 5 here.

I would love to hear your Adelaide adventures if you have been there.

❤ MeLzY



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