Our Victorian Journey – Stop 1: Mansfield

Our main destination for our Victorian trip was the Mornington Peninsula. It looked absolutely beautiful in the tourist books and online and I couldn’t wait to get there. I researched everything and everywhere about the peninsula and had a nice long itinerary ready to go.

We decided it was a long way to go just for the Peninsula and so we decided to add a few stops before and after it and extend the trip a little longer to about 2-3 weeks.

So our first stop was Mansfield. A nice small quaint little country town but also the town to go to if you want to get to the famous Craigs Hut (from the Man from Snowy River movie). Also the town to go to for the snow season at Mt Buller.

Craigs Hut is the sole reason we stopped at Mansfield. We have been wanting to see this historic place for a decade and never thought we would get there, but after a very long and windy dirt track – we finally made it!

We took the same shot of the famous Ken Duncan photo
Inside the famous hut

It was just so unbelievable to me that we were actually standing there. The views were breathtaking, which made the drive up so worth it.

While in Mansfield we drove up to Mt Buller snowfields. There wasn’t any snow yet (we were 1 week early), but the views were amazing.


Mt Buller is like it’s own little village up in the mountains.


All in all, Mansfield was a great 1 night stop over, worth it if only to see Craigs Hut because there isn’t really much else to see and do there, but the area is quiet and relaxing aswell.

Stay tuned for stop 2.

❤ MeLzY



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