Our Victorian Journey – Stop 2: The Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is another place I’ve always wanted to visit. Hubby and I aren’t really wine drinkers but we love seeing the rolling vineyards and the Yarra Valley didn’t disappoint in that area.

We visited Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse (because we like a bit of cider) and it was just the most gorgeous place. One of the nicest vineyards we’ve ever visited.



We bought a tasting paddle with 4 different ciders on it – it was quite the experience as we had never done this before.


So after we got a little wobbly (yes, it doesn’t take much), we went down the road to Yarra Valley Dairy for some cheese tastings, which we can never pass up.


The cheese was just delightful and of course we couldn’t leave without buying some yummy feta (our favourite cheese!)

Our next stop whilst staying in the Yarra Valley was the Dandenong Ranges.

The drive was quite windy but also very beautiful, lined either side with hundreds of palms and ferns.


We stopped at Sky High to see the view as we had climbed a fair bit by then and we could just see Melbourne CBD because it was still quite early and foggy.


From there we drove to Olinda Falls to see some waterfalls. It wasn’t a very long walk from the car park, which is always better.

The upper falls
The lower falls

So this is where our trip got a little tricky. Hubby decided to go where you’re not really meant to just to get a better photo and of course he slipped on a wet log and fell on his ribs. So the rest of this day was mainly spent in some unknown hospital in the middle of nowhere.
After waiting half the afternoon for the results, he finally got the all clear and we were back on the road. But unfortunately it wasn’t so fun anymore because he was in quite a lot of pain which made the trip hard for us to enjoy from that point on.

From the hospital we drove to see the famous Puffing Billy steam train but of course missed it by a couple of minutes because Hubby couldn’t walk very fast. It seemed the day had turned against us and so we headed back to the caravan park.

Whether to continue on with our trip or not was now in the hands of Hubby and how he felt the next morning.

Stay tuned to find out whether our trip continued or not.

❤ MeLzY




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