Our Victorian Journey – Stop 3: The Mornington Peninsula

So I guess if you’ve read the title of this post you will have figured out that Hubby decided he was OK enough to continue on with our Victorian trip and so we finally made it to the Mornington Peninsula.

But before we left the Yarra Valley we couldn’t go without first visiting the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & ice creamery!

The views outside were stunning enough but inside was just heaven!



So having had our chocolate fix, we were ready for the long drive to Frankston, where we stayed for the next 5 nights which made it easier for us not having to move the caravan too much.

Our jam packed itinerary had to be amended to suit Hubby, so all the cycling tracks got scrapped, as did most of the bush walking tracks. We stuck to drives and small walks. It wasn’t what we had planned but we made the most of it while we were there and still did and saw a lot.

Frankston was a lovely place to stay. It had a great esplanade boardwalk and a long jetty which we strolled one morning.



It also had lots of little sculptures scattered around, which was fun to see.


We continued to drive along the peninsula to Mornington where we saw all the awesome coloured beach huts.


These beach huts are famous throughout the Mornington Peninsula and they are found on every beach. They are so fun to see with all there different colours and patterns.

We stopped in at Benton Rise Farm, which is a fruit & veg market in an old rattler train. Unfortunately it was closed the day we went but it was interesting to see either way.


Another stop we made was at Arthur’s Seat for the Arthur’s Seat Eagle which showed us views of the whole peninsula beneath us. It was spectacular and relaxing.


After Arthur’s Seat Eagle we stopped at Main Ridge Dairy for some yum goats cheese.



We had a cheese tasting plate and they were all so great it was hard to choose a favourite.


As I’ve mentioned before, we love our cheese and prefer to do cheese tastings then wine tastings and so of course we hadn’t had enough of cheese after this plate, we then went to Red Hill cheese for another tasting plate.


Unfortunately this tasting plate was not nearly as good as the first one, but we really enjoyed the experience of it.

So by then we figured we could do a little walking and so we went to Montalto Vineyard & Sculpture park. We walked through their beautifully manicured gardens set amongst the vineyards and viewed their wonderful sculptures. It is something we had never seen before, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.








We then walked inside the vineyard restaurant and had a taste of some cider and different kinds of oils. A place we highly recommend.

Another stop we made was in Sorrento for the Millionaires Walk. This was an interesting/ strange walk as we were literally walking along a cliff in peoples backyards, looking below on their private jettys.



During our stay in Frankston, we took a day to drive to the CBD considering it was only about an hour away and had an enjoyable day in the city.
Before returning to Frankston, we drove to the cold-e-sac where the TV show Neighbours is filmed and it was so great seeing the houses up close in person.






Our final day in the Peninsula was a nice one. We started the day at the Peninsula Hot Springs which was just so relaxing and a wonderful experience. It consisted of about 20-25 different hot baths with varying temperatures. Some went as high as 50 degrees!



Having relaxed in the hot baths for a few hours, we then drove to Cape Schanck for some scenic walking tracks.



Pulpit Rock



The blowhole

From Frankston we had originally planned to continue on to the other side to the Bellarine Peninsula and then onto the Great Ocean Road but considering we had already done the Great Ocean Road before, we decided to cut the trip short and go straight home so Hubby can rest and recover properly.


Our Victorian Journey – Stop 2: The Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is another place I’ve always wanted to visit. Hubby and I aren’t really wine drinkers but we love seeing the rolling vineyards and the Yarra Valley didn’t disappoint in that area.

We visited Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse (because we like a bit of cider) and it was just the most gorgeous place. One of the nicest vineyards we’ve ever visited.



We bought a tasting paddle with 4 different ciders on it – it was quite the experience as we had never done this before.


So after we got a little wobbly (yes, it doesn’t take much), we went down the road to Yarra Valley Dairy for some cheese tastings, which we can never pass up.


The cheese was just delightful and of course we couldn’t leave without buying some yummy feta (our favourite cheese!)

Our next stop whilst staying in the Yarra Valley was the Dandenong Ranges.

The drive was quite windy but also very beautiful, lined either side with hundreds of palms and ferns.


We stopped at Sky High to see the view as we had climbed a fair bit by then and we could just see Melbourne CBD because it was still quite early and foggy.


From there we drove to Olinda Falls to see some waterfalls. It wasn’t a very long walk from the car park, which is always better.

The upper falls
The lower falls

So this is where our trip got a little tricky. Hubby decided to go where you’re not really meant to just to get a better photo and of course he slipped on a wet log and fell on his ribs. So the rest of this day was mainly spent in some unknown hospital in the middle of nowhere.
After waiting half the afternoon for the results, he finally got the all clear and we were back on the road. But unfortunately it wasn’t so fun anymore because he was in quite a lot of pain which made the trip hard for us to enjoy from that point on.

From the hospital we drove to see the famous Puffing Billy steam train but of course missed it by a couple of minutes because Hubby couldn’t walk very fast. It seemed the day had turned against us and so we headed back to the caravan park.

Whether to continue on with our trip or not was now in the hands of Hubby and how he felt the next morning.

Stay tuned to find out whether our trip continued or not.

❤ MeLzY



Our Victorian Journey – Stop 1: Mansfield

Our main destination for our Victorian trip was the Mornington Peninsula. It looked absolutely beautiful in the tourist books and online and I couldn’t wait to get there. I researched everything and everywhere about the peninsula and had a nice long itinerary ready to go.

We decided it was a long way to go just for the Peninsula and so we decided to add a few stops before and after it and extend the trip a little longer to about 2-3 weeks.

So our first stop was Mansfield. A nice small quaint little country town but also the town to go to if you want to get to the famous Craigs Hut (from the Man from Snowy River movie). Also the town to go to for the snow season at Mt Buller.

Craigs Hut is the sole reason we stopped at Mansfield. We have been wanting to see this historic place for a decade and never thought we would get there, but after a very long and windy dirt track – we finally made it!

We took the same shot of the famous Ken Duncan photo
Inside the famous hut

It was just so unbelievable to me that we were actually standing there. The views were breathtaking, which made the drive up so worth it.

While in Mansfield we drove up to Mt Buller snowfields. There wasn’t any snow yet (we were 1 week early), but the views were amazing.


Mt Buller is like it’s own little village up in the mountains.


All in all, Mansfield was a great 1 night stop over, worth it if only to see Craigs Hut because there isn’t really much else to see and do there, but the area is quiet and relaxing aswell.

Stay tuned for stop 2.

❤ MeLzY


5 days in the South Coast of NSW

Having recently bought ourselves a caravan to do even more travelling then we already do, we decided to give it it’s first real test with a 5 day trip down the South Coast.

First we stayed at Lake Tabourie Holiday Park for 2 nights, which was situated right on the lake, with walking access to Wairo beach. It was a beautiful place to stay.


We rode our bikes along the hard sand which was a little harder than anticipated at times, but we had fun doing it.

Whilst staying in Lake Tabourie, we spent a day in the town of Ulladullah which was only a 10 minute drive away and then drove to verious places to take in some beautiful views.

Burrill Beach


Dolphin Point20170429_091419.jpg

Mollymook Beach


Ulladullah Lighthouse/ Gari Bagan Walk


After spending 2 nights in Lake Tabourie, we drove a little further South and stayed 3 nights at Batemans Bay Easts Riverside Holiday Park and this park, like the last one was too situated on the water, but this time we could actually see it. It was a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere to camp along the water.

Our view from our caravan
The beautiful sunset from our caravan

Whilst staying in Batemans Bay, we did more sightseeing around the area and found these nice little towns with beautiful views.

Burrewarra Point


Tuross Head


One Tree Point






Bingi Bingi



Part of a shipwreck

Duesbury Beach












Australia Rock




Mystery Bay


Tilba Tilba



Although we had already been to these areas previously, we still managed to find places we had missed the first time around and those that we saw again, we found them just as enjoyable as the first time.

So the caravan did it’s job well and we are already planning our next big caravan trip to the Mornington Penninsula, so stay tuned for that post!

❤ MeLzY




Adelaide – Day 6

Our last day in Adelaide began at the Central Markets. It’s a place full of fresh fruit and vegetables only. It was nice to see but it wasn’t all that great really. There were pallet jacks everywhere blocking the walk ways and it got a little annoying by the end having to dodge them but the fruit was great!

For those who watch Married at first sight, this is Jesse’s dad’s shop.


Our last stop for our trip was the awesome Harbour Town Outlet centre where I had the best shopping day ever! This outlet centre, unlike all the other one’s I’ve been to, actually had the shops I like and they are actually quite cheap too! I loved it!


From Harbour Town it was time to farewell Adelaide and head back to the airport and wait for our hour delayed flight (not a great way to end the holiday).

Overall Adelaide was a nice place to visit, I didn’t love it so I doubt I’ll ever go back but it was nice to visit at least once. The weather was great to us the whole time we were there (it only rained once), which made it all the more enjoyable.

I would recommend Adelaide for a short holiday. 6 days was plenty of time to see everything we wanted to. We may have missed out on a couple of places but we saw everything we had written down before hand.

You can see day 1 here, day 2 here, day 3 here, day 4 here & day 5 here.

I would love to hear your Adelaide adventures if you have been there.

❤ MeLzY


Adelaide – Day 5

Day 5 was our other favourite day filled with so much to see and do, it was quite exciting because we couldn’t wait to go to the place where Mcleods Daughters was filmed!

So first we drove 1 hour to Kingsford Homestead to see the house/farm that was used as the Mcleod property AKA Drover’s Run.

The famous house used for Mcleods Daughters (Drover’s Run)
This is the house on the property where Meg & Jodi lived (on the show)
This was the shearing shed used on the show

A 10 minute drive from here took us to Freeling where all other buildings used in the show lived and for the show was named Gungellan which was funny because in the show they say ‘Gungellan is a 2 hour drive from Drover’s Run.

This was very exciting to see !
This was used as the Gungellan Hotel
The famous windmill & bathtub used on Drover’s Run now moved into Freeling’s town for tourists.
Used as Gungellan Town Hall for the show
This was the coolest because the name used on the show was still on it! Obviously not in use anymore but at least they left it there as memorabilia. 

We went from the home of Mcleods Daughter’s to the Barossa Valley which was only a further half an hour drive.

We started with the streets lined with Palm trees, which made us think we were in California more than the Barossa Valley but it was pretty to see nonetheless.


The streets lined with palm trees led us to the Barossa sculpture park, which was also Menglers Hill look out. The sculptures were interesting but unsure why they were there really and why some you can tell what they are and others you can’t.




For lunch we went to Kies Family Wines only because they had the more ‘normal’ menu out of a lot of the vineyards there (and there are a lot!)

The food was lovely and whilst we were there we did a little wine tasting.




Each table had a little monkey with a saying – very cute!

Our next stop was Maggie Beer’s farm shop! For those who havn’t heard of her – this is Maggie Beer:


She has her own cooking show and is a judge on Masterchef. Whilst in her shop we got to sit in on a cooking demonstration in the kitchen set that she uses on her show. She wasn’t the one cooking though, it was her assistant, but we learnt a few handy tips and got to taste the food at the end.

Throughout her shop there are numerous samples of all her jams and all sorts of things to try and she even has her own ice cream, which we had to try (of course).



From Maggie Beer’s place, we went to a number of different vineyards to do some wine tasting.

The places we visited were very nice and the views were just gorgeous.




We stopped in at Chateau Tanunda just for a sneak peek!


Before we left the Barossa, we drove past the big rocking horse, unfortunately we couldn’t get out of the car to see it properly because it was pouring down rain but it was pretty cool to see from the car too.


And that completes day 5, leaving us with only one more day of Adelaide adventures before coming back home, but it was a great day with plenty to see and do.

See day 1 here, day 2 here, day 3 here and day 4 here.

Stay tuned for day 6!

❤ MeLzY


Adelaide – Day 4

Day 4 was one of our favourite days!

We started off the day at Adelaide Zoo to mainly see the famous panda bear, because to us its now ‘seen one zoo, seen them all’ but the panda bear did not let us down – it was just adorable and i wanted to give it a big hug when I saw it.



These are some of my favourite shots:






From the zoo we drove to Adelaide Hills which was only a 20 minute drive from the city.

We stopped at Mt Lofty lookout which was a very nice place to sit and eat with a very nice view!


From Mt Lofty we stopped at the Bridgewater Mill water wheel which was just huge but very cool to see!


Our next stop was the amazing German town called Hahndorf which consisted of a long street filled with lots of different kinds of little shops, it was a great way to spend the remainder of the day.


Once we built up an appetite from all the walking, we went to Hahndorf Inn Motel to try some German cuisine.


This is the famous 1 metre hot dog which some people claim to have eaten on their own. This one pictured was shared between 2 adults and 2 kids.


So our belly’s were full, it was end of day 4 and we couldn’t wait for day 5!

You can catch up on day 1 here, day 2 here & day 3 here. Stay tuned for day 5!

❤ MeLzY